Why Restore Windows?


Historic Windows:

  • Preserve a building's architectural style
  • Are energy efficient: A properly fit and weather stripped historic wooden window with a storm window equals a double glazed modern window in r-value. Please click here to read a thorough report by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, "Evaluating the Energy Performance of Window Replacement and Retrofit".  
  • Are green: Less energy is consumed restoring existing windows when compared to the energy required to manufacture, ship and install replacement windows. Restoration keeps material out of the landfill and does not waste the embodied energy of the original window.
  • Are infinitely repairable: Any individual component can be repaired or replaced. Once a replacement window breaks, the whole unit is replaced.
  • Are made from high quality old growth timber with mortise and tenon construction: Old wood is denser than modern lumber and therefore more rot resistant. Mortise and tenon construction allows the window to be taken apart for repair.
  • Cost less over a 75 year maintenance cycle: Restoring an historic window professionally using best practices saves money in the long run. Replacement windows will be replaced every 10-20 years at an ever increasing cost per unit.