Historic Plaster:

  • Repair of both flat and ornamental plaster
  • Flat plaster repaired with the appropriate historic plaster mixes matched to the existing plaster
  • Plaster reattached to lathe with acrylic adhesives. Where the plaster has pulled away from the lathe adhesives are injected between the plaster and lathe creating a strong but flexible bond between the plaster and lathe. The injection holes and cracks are filled with an appropriate filler plaster.
  • The use of adhesives recreates the bond between the plaster and lathe where the use of plaster washers just holds the plaster to the lathe at the point of attachment. The use of plaster washers requires skim coat work to hide the washers adding more material to the surface.
  • Deteriorated and damaged moldings are repaired in place using traditional materials and methods.
  • New decorative elements are designed and produced for both historic and historically inspired new construction.




Our work on the Vermont State House portico in 2011: